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Relayed multicast protocol -- Specification for simplex group applications

ISO/IEC DIS 16512-2, Information technology -- Relayed multicast protocol: Specification for simplex group applications

Committee: ISO/IEC JTC1

Comment Period Closes: 2015-10-11

This Recommendation | International Standard specifies the relayed multicast protocol part 2 (RMCP-2), an application-layer protocol that constructs a multicast tree for data delivery from one sender to multiple receivers over an IP-based network, where IP multicast is not fully deployed. RMCP-2 defines relayed multicast data transport capabilities over IP-based networks for simplex group applications. 

This Recommendation | International Standard specifies the following: 
  • descriptions of the entities, control and data delivery models of RMCP-2;
  • description of the functions and procedures of multicast agents (MAs) to construct a one-to-many relayed data path and to relay data for simplex communication;
  • description of the security features of the basic RMCP-2; and
  • definitions of messages and parameters of the basic RMCP-2 and secure RMCP-2. 
Annex A defines a membership authentication procedure for use with the secure RMCP-2. Annex B provides a method for sharing information among session managers (SMs) when multiple SMs are used. Annexes C-G provide informative material related to RMCP-2. Annex H contains an informative bibliography.

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