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Top Injuries related to Consumer Products

From the Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Incident Report, April to June 2016.

Health Canada regularly receives reports on human health or safety concerns related to consumer products and cosmetics. Consumer products are covered under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act while cosmetics are covered under the Food and Drugs Act.

Industry is required to submit reports to Health Canada when they become aware of an incident related to their consumer product. Consumers report concerns about consumer products and cosmetics on a voluntary basis.

Percentage of reports received by product category:

Housewares 23%

Appliances 23%

Children’s Products 13%

Electronics 9%

Home & Automobile Maintenance 7%

Clothing, Textiles & Accessories 7%

Grooming Products & Accessories 7%

Outdoor Living 6%

Sports, Recreation & Hobby 5%

Top 5 product types based on number of reports received

1. Cosmetics: 22;

2. Ranges or Ovens, Not Specified: 15;

3. Telephones or Accessories: 13;

4. Diapers: 13;

5. Window Shades, Venetian Blinds or Indoor Shutters: 12

Top 3 Injury Types:

Irritation/Allergic Reaction: 39;

Burns: 22

Cuts: 20

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