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The Power of Doubling / La puissance de la duplication

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Did you know that many of the microorganisms present in our food and water grow through a process of splitting? One cell becomes two, these two split and become four, and so one. Under favourable conditions, the time between each splitting is short and quick, which is rather worrisome. Another troubling thing is that we cannot see these microorganisms nor detect their presence until the danger level has been exceeded.  If you are interested in reading on the Power of Doubling and the growth rate of microorganisms, please read an interesting feature article on food safety, written by Dr. Don Mercer of the University of Guelph and published by SCC.

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Saviez-vous que bon nombre des microorganismes présents dans notre nourriture et dans l’eau se développent selon un procédé de division? Une cellule devient deux cellules qui, à leur tour, se divisent en quatre cellules, et ainsi de suite. Dans des conditions favorables, peu de temps s’écoule entre chaque division, ce qui est assez inquiétant. Autre aspect troublant, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de voir ces microorganismes ni de détecter leur présence avant qu’ils aient dépassé un seuil critique. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la puissance de la duplication et le taux de croissance des microorganismes, veuillez lire un article de fond intéressant sur la sécurité des aliments, rédigé par Don Mercer, Ph. D., de l’Université de Guelph et publié par le CCN.



Re: The Power of Doubling / La puissance de la duplication

Portrait de dfolkerson
Permalien Soumis par dfolkerson (non vérifié) le mar, 2014/10/28 - 14:26

Thanks for sharing, Suzanna. Food contamination worries me as well. We recently had a bit of contamination occur at home, actually. After some outdoor work at the cottage, I left a paintbrush, wrapped up in a plastic bag, in the freezer there. When we finally closed the cottage last weekend, we brought all of that freezer food back home. I guess I had left that paintbrush in the cottage freezer a little bit too long, because the bread now smells like paint. Should I still eat it?? Dr. Mercer's article says, "absolutely not". I wish this article had been posted two days ago! :( Fortunately neither my wife nor I got sick, but it definitely was a risk we took, that we'll never take again.

Re: The Power of Doubling / La puissance de la duplication

Portrait de qredekop
Permalien Soumis par qredekop le mar, 2014/10/28 - 14:52

This article brings to mind a memory I have of something my mother would say when she was teaching me how to cook as a teenager. Whenever cooking with chicken she urged me to thoroughly clean not only my hands and the cutting knife but everything that came into contact with the chicken (cutting board, etc.) She said it was because of the risk of salmonella but perhaps the power of doubling would have been a good supplementary discussion. Not that I would have listened - I was a teenager!

Re: The Power of Doubling / La puissance de la duplication

Portrait de Maria Iafano
Permalien Soumis par Maria Iafano le mar, 2014/10/28 - 19:28

Thanks for sharing everyone.  Although I am somewhat concerned about microorganisms, I do believe that the article does create a bit of fear mongering!  We must all be diligent but cannot be ruled by fear.  As long was we take appropriate precautions we will all be fine.


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