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Green building - what does it mean for you?

How long will it take you to build your next house? 

At a recent Habitat for Humanity event, a crew of six people erected a demonstration house in just 41 minutes. Not a record by any means, but an acceptable construction schedule for a prefabricated steel building of this size manufactured by GreenTerra Homes. or Max Broojerd, chief operating officer of GreenTerra, that demonstration isn't so much about building a single house, but about ushering in a new era of efficiently constructed, affordable and scalable housing, from one-offs to multi-unit townhouse complexes and entire subdivisions. Broojerd has invested the last three years in ramping up his 700,000 square-foot prefabrication facility in Trenton, Ont. It's currently Canada's only CSA-A66-certified steel prefab, modular, mobile home factory.





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