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New Version of the International Classification of Standards (ICS)

Please see the attached bulletin regarding ISO's release of Version 7 of the International Classification for Standards (ICS). 

In addition, please find the following documents:

  • International Classification for Standards, Edition 7 (in English and French)
  • ISO's ICS 7 Migration Plan (available in English only from ISO)


Preliminary Gap Analysis - ISO/COPOLCO

At COPOLCO’s request Peter Eisenegger, as COPOLCO’s key person for data protection and
privacy, has under taken a preliminary gap analysis and produced this report for COPOLCO.
The review and its report is a first step in the COPOLCO process of identifying and confirming
gaps that there might be in current international standards addressing consumer/citizen privacy

this is for your information, however please don't hesitate to send us your comments and feedback if you wish to do so. 


Top Injuries related to Consumer Products

From the Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Incident Report, April to June 2016.

Health Canada regularly receives reports on human health or safety concerns related to consumer products and cosmetics. Consumer products are covered under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act while cosmetics are covered under the Food and Drugs Act.

Industry is required to submit reports to Health Canada when they become aware of an incident related to their consumer product. Consumers report concerns about consumer products and cosmetics on a voluntary basis.

On-line agreements: do you know what you have agreed to?

How often do you read the terms and conditions of your agreements when you sign for or buy services and goods on-line? Have you read all the privacy conditions on your newly purchased smart phone, TV, or wearable device? Do you fully understand your contractual agreement with your bank, internet provider, or your car loan? 

The Consumer Council of Canada has claimed that both Canadian businesses and consumers face risk from poorly understood terms and conditions statements. They have outlined the following key facts: 

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