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New opportunity for Young Professionals - Standardization Management Board (SMB)/Nouvelle opportunité pour les jeunes professionnels Bureau de Gestion de la Normalisation

Please see below an opportunity for young professionals to participate in the work of the Standardization Management Board (SMB). Please note there are no funds for this opportunity. However, online participation is possible. The following content comes from an external souce and is only available in English.



Veuillez voir ci-dessous une opportunité pour les jeunes professionels de participer aux travaux du Bureau de Gestion de la Normalisation. Veuillez noter qu'il n'yu a pas de fonds pour cette opportunité. Cependant, la participation en ligne est possible. Les renseignements ci-dessous proviennent d'une source externe et n'existent qu'en version anglaise seulement.




Dear IEC YPs,

The SMB is offering a new opportunity for YPs to get involved in its work:

AhG 79, Autonomous Systems – Ethics, is looking for an IEC YP representative to participate in its work. This ahG’s task is to assess the role of IEC and standards in addressing ethics, trust and values particularly in autonomous systems (including artificial intelligence), and making recommendations to SMB on how best to deal with the subject.


If you are interested to participate in ahG 79 please send me an email by Tuesday 27 March with a short paragraph on your motivation to join the group.

Looking forward to hearing from you on the above.

Kind regards,


Robert McLaren
IEC Young Professionals Programme Coordinator



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