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New opportunities for IEC Young Professionals to participate in the Standardization Management Board (SMB)

Hello IEC YPs,

Please see below a message from Lynne Gibbens, the National Secretary of CANC/IEC about new opportunities to participate in the Standardization Management Board (SMB).

Kind regards,



Dear IEC YPs,

After its February meeting in Mexico City the Standardization Management Board (SMB) is offering new opportunities for YPs to get involved in its work:

  1. Novel ways of working with consortia

AhG 75, Working with consortia, is looking for an IEC YP representative to participate in its work. This ahG will be looking at how the IEC can work with consortia with an emphasis on practical steps for dealing with them. Mid- to long-term IEC activity options with consortia will also be addressed.

If you are interested to participate in ahG 75 please send me an email by no later than March 23, 2017 to

  1. SEG 8, Communication Technologies and Architectures of Electrotechnical Systems


  1. SEG 9, Smart Home/Office Building Systems

You can register online for SEGs 8 and 9 by clicking on the above hyperlinks which will bring you the respective SEGs’ dashboards.


Lynne Gibbens, National Secretary CANC/IEC

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