Standards Council of Canada

Meeting minutes

Consumer Privacy Protection in Wearable Computing Teleconference

Standards Council of Canada, 200-270 Albert St. Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6N7

Tuesday, February 10, 2015   9:30 AM to 11:00 PM (EST)


Meeting was attended by:

Suzanna Ersoy

Darryl Kingston

Stephen Michell

Steven Johnston

Melanie Miller-Champman

Tyson Macaulay

John Weigelt

Michael Geist

Anne Cavoukian  (please note that due to scheduling conflict a separate meeting was conducted)


Dear members,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for participating in our introductory meeting on Consumer Privacy Protection in Wearable Computing.  For those who didn’t have the chance to attend I have summarized some of the concerns/questions brought up by members. Following, I have identified the outcome of the meeting and the next steps.


1.     Issues identified during the call were mainly on the topic of data management and its implication for consumers: including and not limited to safety, security of materials, 3rd party notice, consumer consent, clarify of disclosure, permitted use, rights to access of data, depersonalization of data, voice control, onward transfer, etc.,

2. Members also inquired about COPOLCO’s decision making process?

In general the 1st step would be to submit the issue to COPOLCO working Group using the issue sheet template, if then members of the working group agree that it is important they (or SCC) will present the issue at COPOLCO Plenary.

3. Questions were raised on what would be the real outcome of this initiative? Is COPOLCO the right platform for this initiative? 

It was clarified that there are different possibilities available to address the issue, a NWIP to establish a new committee, a NWIP within and existing ISO/IEC/JTC1 committee, development of a guideline document for consumers, etc…


Participants agreed on the following:

-              Proceed with the completion of a New Suggestion for ISO/COPOLCO Activity Template (draft to be prepared by Suzanna Ersoy /SCC)

-              Members to revise the document as appropriate and ensure that the issue is well framed within the template

-              Ensure consistency in information being presented by other groups, JTC1- Planning, JTC1 Working Group 10 (IoT) as well as the IEC SMB Proposal from Korea

-              Once agreed upon by members the report will be shared with relevant stakeholders to get larger exposure/support ( Jim MacFie – JTC1 Planning, Tyson Macaulay JTC1 Study Group 10 etc.)


The next step

-              Prepare a first draft of the document by February 20th, 2015

-              Share the report with appropriate stakeholders

-              Revise the draft and share it with the COPOLCO working group

-              Present the Issue sheet at the COPOLCO Working Group meeting in May

-              Given results of the WG meeting, table the issue for COPOLCO Plenary meeting in May 2015 for discussion and decision.

-              Initiate work should COPOLCO resolve to take action


We encourage you to share the information and invite other members to this group as you see appropriate.

You are welcome to share your thoughts, comments, feedback on this topic or relevant issues on this platform. If you do need assistance/training on how to use SCC Connect or have trouble accessing the posts please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Thank you once again for your time and support regarding this issue



Suzanna Ersoy

Program Manager, ISO and Regional Programs/ Gestionnaire de programme, ISO et organismes régionaux



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