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Draft New Suggestion for ISO/COPOLCO Activity

Dear members in the Consumer Protection in Wearable Computing Group,


Thank you for your input and feedback on the Draft New Suggestion for ISO/COPOLCO Activity. I have included your comments in the attached version. I am planning to send it to Ms Merete Holmen Murvold (SN – Norway) who is the co-chair of the COPOLCO WORKING GROUP WG 2, Key areas for consumers (and in which I am an active participant) for her distribution to the group. Following, depending on the reaction, I will send it to Ms. Dana Kissinger, Secretary of COPOLCO.


Please let me know if you have any final comments and/or edits that you wish to add and I will make sure to incorporate in the final version.



Thank you kindly

Suzanna Ersoy

Program Manager, ISO and Regional Programs/ Gestionnaire de programme, ISO et organismes régionaux

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Re: Draft New Suggestion for ISO/COPOLCO Activity

Tyson Macaulay's picture
Permalink Submitted by Tyson Macaulay on Thu, 2015/04/02 - 16:42

HI Suzanna,

I have made a few small additions related to Security and Privacy activity inside SC27 - including work on the privacy gap assessment that you mention: it is starting already!   Contributions welcome.

Also - perhaps there might be a mention that Privacy guidelines around wearables might mention the need to evolve certain security conventions - such as "dumb" networks.  I added these lines for your consideration:

Similarly, we need to challenge certain design conventions in consumer networking (home, public or personal hotspot), that might leave the door wide open for attacks on wearables; for  instance, allowing un-controlled communications among adjacently connected devices by the providers of consumer networking services and gateways.

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Re: Draft New Suggestion for ISO/COPOLCO Activity

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Permalink Submitted by Suzanna Ersoy on Wed, 2015/04/08 - 11:16

Thank you very much for your feedback Tyson. I will ensure that your point on un-controlled communication among adjacently connected devices is well articulated and included.



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