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France enacts law-forcing companies to make appliances last longer - Interview with Aubrey LeBlanc from Consumers Council of Canada

Under the new French Consumer Protection Law, France is ordering manufacturers to inform consumers how long they can expect their TV, cell phone or other appliance to last — before they buy it.

A new French government decree that came into effect this week aims at fighting so-called planned obsolescence. That is when companies design strategies to limit the life span of appliances, so that consumers will have to replace them. Violators face up to 15000 euros in fines.

Link to article:

On the news program "The Exchange with Amanda Lang"  - Aubrey LeBlanc from Consumers Council of Canada and our new Chair of CPIP was interviewed on the new French decree and on longer lasting appliances within Canada. Here is the episode:

The interview starts at 19:17 and it runs to 20:18.

Will be interesting to see where this goes or if other countries like Canada will follow?

Daniel Ethier


Re: France enacts law-forcing companies to make appliances...

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Permalink Submitted by qredekop on Thu, 2015/03/05 - 14:55

I think it's great that Canada is exploring this possibility. As a consumer, I've purchased 3 appliances in the last year due to obsolescence. If a price-point less than double would give me the assurance that an appliance would last twice as long and give a smaller ecological footprint, I'd consider that value proposition. Wouldn't you?

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