Enhancing Canada’s competitiveness and well-being

New national standard will help ensure infrastructure resiliency in Canada’s North

SCC and BNQ have published a new National Standard of Canada that will ensure infrastructure in Canada’s North is prepared for a changing climate...

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CETA agreement

Access new markets

One way SCC is supporting access to new markets is by helping to implement the Conformity Assessment Protocol within the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

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windmills and solar pannels

Canada plays instrumental role in the development of new ISO standard on ETV

The International Standards Organization (ISO) published a new standard for companies offering innovative environmental technologies that could help them expand into new markets. 

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Progressive leadership in standardization solutions:  

Standards Council of Canada announces first joint Canada-U.S. standard for plumbing and heating sector...

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Video - introduction to Standards Council of Canada

Watch SCC in action

Learn about SCC, its innovative work and the value it delivers for Canada.

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Standards Council of Canada