Enhancing Canada’s competitiveness and well-being

2014 World Standards Day celebration

SCC Awards/World Standards Day celebrate value of standardization 

SCC’s October event honoured Canadians who strengthen Canada’s standardization network, trade and economy – and featured a dynamic presentation from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

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Verification of water quality

Updates to two key management systems standards offer numerous benefits

Important changes are being made to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 – two widely used management systems standards that help organizations maximize their labour, better manage their risk and improve their environmental performance.

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SCC’s 2014 Award recipients

New videos profile leaders in standardization

SCC has released five new videos that profile the recipients of its 2014 Awards. The videos are each between one and two minutes long, and serve to introduce viewers to some of SCC’s greatest contributors.

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U.S. Standards Engineering journal special issue highlights standardization in Canada

The journal’s recent 2,000-word article explains SCC’s role in leading Canada’s standardization network, how role differs, aligns with U.S. counterpart’s.

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SCC’s new Global Perspectives report showcases how standardization advances business, sparks innovation

Business and government seeking to help eliminate trade barriers, spur innovation and advance their strategic objectives will want to read SCC’s new report, Global Perspectives on Standardization: Lessons from... 

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