Enhancing Canada’s competitiveness and well-being

Canadian leadership helps support the safe trade and reselling of second-hand goods

In a new ISOfocus interview, Canadian Rae Dulmage, Chair of the ISO committee on cross-border trade of second-hand goods, offers insights and expertise on why consumers can shop at resellers of second-hand products with confidence...

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Gain a competitive advantage by participating in standards development

Participating in standards development puts you at the forefront of your industry. Learn about emerging trends and the latest innovations while networking with leaders in your field.

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Standards help bring innovations to market

Standards help businesses reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain the competitive edge necessary for fostering and supporting innovation.

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Polad Zahedi- IEC Young Professionals Workshop winner

IEC Young Professionals Workshop winner announced

SCC announces Polad Zahedi as this year’s Canadian representative to the IEC Young Professionals Workshop.

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New Home Inspection Standard Protects Home Buyers and Inspectors

SCC approves the first Canadian standard for home inspections as a National Standard of Canada.

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Standards Council of Canada