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Standards Council of Canada announces first joint Canada-U.S. standard for plumbing and heating sector

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and ULC Standards are pleased to announce the development of a Joint National Standard for balloon-type ball backwater valves.  The development of this joint Canada-U.S. standard is the first of its kind in the plumbing and heating sector...

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Perspective on standardization report

New SCC report, A Perspective on U.S. Standardization, highlights strategic session with ANSI President/CEO, Joe Bhatia

SCC’s latest report will help readers better understand the U.S. standardization system and how Canada-U.S. cooperation on standardization issues will benefit industry, consumers and governments...

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Norther community drainage problem

SCC approves national standard to address impact of climate change on Northern community drainage systems

The new standard was developed under NISI, which includes several innovative standards to provide tangible, long-term improvements for Canada’s Northerners.

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SCC group accreditation helping mineral analysis labs crystallize success​

Two mineral analysis labs are capitalizing on increased downtime during the current industry cyclical downturn, by strengthening their quality management systems and reducing their accreditation costs – through SCC group accreditation for all of their lab sites.

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Arctic builders

SCC approves two new national standards to help address effects of climate change on Canada’s North

SCC and CSA Group announced the publication of two new National Standards of Canada (NSC) that will help manage increased risk to Northern infrastructure under a changing climate....

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