Enhancing Canada’s competitiveness and well-being

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Working Together to Enhance Competitiveness Through Joint Canada-U.S. Standards

SCC supports the harmonization and alignment of standards between Canada and the U.S. to reduce duplicative requirements and decrease costs for both businesses and consumers.

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SCC, CEN and CENELEC commit to strengthening and increasing trading opportunities

Agreement provides Canadians and Europeans with improved market access and reduced barriers to trade through strategic use of standardization.

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SCC and KATS collaborate to strengthen trade relations through standardization

Canada and Korea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that reinforces the important trade relationship between the two countries.

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Supporting a Stronger Global Standardization Network

SCC’s Vice-President of Strategy, Michel Girard, discusses the benefits of harmonizing standards across North America and the world in ASTM Standardization News.

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Standards are produced through collaboration and consensus

National and International standards are developed through the collaborative efforts of subject matter experts all over the world. Find out which standards development committees are actively recruiting new members. All may apply.

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