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SCC’s mandate is to promote efficient and effective voluntary standardization in Canada, where the law does not expressly provide for standardization activities. In particular, SCC has a mandate to:

  • Promote the participation of Canadians in voluntary standards activities
  • Promote public- and private-sector cooperation in voluntary standardization in Canada
  • Coordinate and oversee the efforts of people and organizations involved in Canada’s network of standardization professionals
  • Foster quality, performance and technological innovation in Canadian goods and services through standardization-related activities
  • Develop standardization-related strategies and long-term objectives to advance the national economy; support sustainable development; benefit the health, safety and welfare of workers and the public; assist and protect consumers; facilitate domestic and international trade; and further international cooperation in relation to standardization

Organizational Structure

The strategies and policies established by SCC’s Governing Council are implemented by SCC’s staff. The organization’s work is led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is supported by SCC’s Executive Team.

Organizational Structure

Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Branch

The Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement branch plays a leading role in the development of strategies that enable SCC to achieve results in key areas. Through the development of policy positions on cross-cutting national, regional and international issues, the branch provides advice and support to the CEO, senior management, the Governing Council, and other SCC branches. The Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement branch also works to identify and define the conditions required for Canada to optimize its use of standardization.

To ensure that SCC meets its strategic priorities, the Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement branch develops engagement strategies and provides advice to address stakeholder objectives. The branch regularly interacts, and consults, with a variety of stakeholders including Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments, as well as industry, to drive the implementation of strategic objectives. The branch also provides secretariat functions to PTAC and NPSAC.

Standards and International Relations Branch

The Standards and International Relations branch facilitates Canada’s participation in the standards development activities of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), two of the world’s largest voluntary standardization bodies. The branch: 

  • oversees Canadian standards development activities under SCC-accredited standards development organizations,
  • sets recommended requirements used for the accreditation of standards development organizations, and
  • provides process governance and guidance to ensure compliance with appropriate requirements for the development, adoption and publication of National Standards of Canada.

The branch also manages the sale of ISO and IEC standards and National Standards of Canada, and coordinates Canada’s interest in regional standards organizations such as:

  • Pan American Standards Commission (COPANT),
  • Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC),
  • Forum of the IEC National Committees of the Americas (FINCA), and
  • Réseau Normalisation et Francophonie (RNF).

In doing so, SCC engages in capacity building activities intended to strengthen the standardization infrastructures of key regional and international trade partners.

Accreditation Services Branch

SCC’s Accreditation Services branch provides accreditation services to various customers, including SCC-accredited Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), product, process and service certifiers, management system certifiers, inspection bodies, greenhouse-gas verifiers and validators, personnel certifiers and testing laboratories. The branch is also Canada’s compliance monitoring authority that administers the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) quality system.

The Accreditation Services branch is a signatory to several Mutual Recognition Agreements and Multilateral Agreements with international accreditation forums. These forums have been created by accreditation bodies around the world to assist with international acceptance of conformity assessment results. The agreements are part of greater efforts to form a global accreditation system.

Corporate Services Branch

The Corporate Services branch provides professional services support to the organization. The branch is responsible for financial management, human resources, investment planning and business advisory services, IM/IT, corporate administration, contracting and procurement (including travel services).

Communications and Corporate Planning Branch

The Communications and Corporate Planning branch provides corporate communications services for the organization that includes internal and external communications planning, a full line of communications products, website and event management, social media and translation services.

The branch is also responsible for corporate planning, risk management, government reporting (including Access to Information and Privacy requests), research, and standards inventory monitoring.

The Corporate secretariat role provides advice and secretariat and governance policy support to SCC’s Governing Council.

SCC’s Executive Team

SCC’s Executive Team: (standing left to right) Sylvie Lafontaine, Vice-President, Standards and International Relations Branch; John Walter, CEO; Jason Hergert, Vice-President, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer; (seated left to right) Chantal Guay, Vice-President, Accreditation Services Branch; Sandra Watson, Vice-President, Communications and Corporate Planning Branch & Corporate Secretary; Michel Girard, Vice-President, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Branch.


Supporting Bodies

SCC is also supported by two advisory panels and one committee:

Accreditation Advisory Panel

The Accreditation Advisory Panel falls under the purview of SCC’s Accreditation Services branch. The panel provides policy advice, with a view to ensuring fairness and impartiality in relevant SCC policies and programming.

Consumer and Public Interest Panel

The Consumer and Public Interest Panel provides strategic and policy advice on standardization matters that impact Canadian consumers and public interest groups, as well as, ISO Committee on consumer policy (COPOLCO). The panel falls under the purview of SCC’s Standards and International Relations branch.

Canadian National Committee for the International Electrotechnical Commission

The Canadian National Committee of the IEC (CANC/IEC) provides strategic and policy advice to SCC on Canada’s strategic priorities for companies operating in the energy, electrotechnical and electrical sector, as well as, IEC-related matters. The committee falls under the purview of SCC’s Standards and International Relations branch.

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