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New Version of the International Classification of Standards (ICS)

Please see the attached bulletin regarding ISO's release of Version 7 of the International Classification for Standards (ICS). 

In addition, please find the following documents:

  • International Classification for Standards, Edition 7 (in English and French)
  • ISO's ICS 7 Migration Plan (available in English only from ISO)


Preliminary Gap Analysis - ISO/COPOLCO

At COPOLCO’s request Peter Eisenegger, as COPOLCO’s key person for data protection and
privacy, has under taken a preliminary gap analysis and produced this report for COPOLCO.
The review and its report is a first step in the COPOLCO process of identifying and confirming
gaps that there might be in current international standards addressing consumer/citizen privacy

this is for your information, however please don't hesitate to send us your comments and feedback if you wish to do so. 


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