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Open for Public Review - Draft International Standard on Information technology -- Home network resource management

ISO/IEC DIS 30100-2 Information technology -- Home network resource management -- Part 2: Architecture

Public Comment Period Closes: 2015-08-16

Committee: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25

ISO/IEC 30100-2 specifies the general information model and architecture for managing the 159 resources in a home network. 
Home network resources are managed objects that provide 160 home network services. Essential home resources include device, network and service 161 resources. 162 The objectives of this document are to: 163 

- Define terminology that describes logical resources of devices, networks and services in a 164 home area network 165 
- Specify the logical information model for describing relations among resources 166 
- Describe the basic logical functional procedures of home area networks (e.g., remote 167 maintenance, auto-configuration and fault processing). 

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