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SCC approves six National Standards of Canada for flammable, combustible liquids storage tanks 

Six national standards related to storage tanks for flammable and combustible liquids – designed to protect Canadians’ health and safety, as well as the environment – were recently approved, SCC and ULC Standards have...

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ISOfocus magazine: How SCC’s CEO John Walter began his career in standards

In a recent, exclusive interview with ISOfocus magazine, John Walter, SCC’s CEO and Vice-President (Policy) of the International Organization for Standardization, recounts how his early roots influenced his career in standards.

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New national standard addresses climate change, ensures safer buildings, for Canada’s North

An SCC-approved National Standard of Canada will help adapt homes and buildings in the North to withstand the effects of climate change, using thermosyphon foundations – aiding our Government in providing greater safety to Northern Canadians, announce SCC and CSA Group.

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SCC’s new Global Perspectives report showcases how standardization advances business, sparks innovation

Business and government seeking to help eliminate trade barriers, spur innovation and advance their strategic objectives will want to read SCC’s new report, Global Perspectives on Standardization: Lessons from... 

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SCC group accreditation helping mineral analysis labs crystallize success​

Two mineral analysis labs are capitalizing on increased downtime during the current industry cyclical downturn, by strengthening their quality management systems and reducing their accreditation costs – through SCC group accreditation for all of their lab sites.

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