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Awards Ceremony 2014

SCC Awards ceremony to recognize contributions of Canadian volunteers Oct 15, 2014

On October 15, 2014, SCC will host its bi-annual Awards ceremony to recognize the commitment of individuals, organizations and committees who dedicate their time and expertise...

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SCC group accreditation helping mineral analysis labs crystallize success​

Two mineral analysis labs are capitalizing on increased downtime during the current industry cyclical downturn, by strengthening their quality management systems and reducing their accreditation costs – through SCC group accreditation for all of their lab sites.

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World Accreditation Day 2014 drove home event theme: 
Accreditation delivers confidence in the provision of energy

SCC’s June 9th event showcased to attendees that certification to international standards can help you expand your export markets, gain the upper hand competitively and build team confidence.

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SCC to forensic scientists

SCC to forensic scientists: “Help us shape our accreditation to meet your changing needs”​

Chantal Guay, SCC’s V-P, Accreditation Services, told CSFS Conference attendees that SCC accreditation is vital for obtaining confidence in forensic laboratories’ test results.

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Let’s Keep it Flowing (Safely)

There are oil and gas pipelines stretched for miles across Canada. Woven under fields and through communities, they could present a danger when not properly designed or maintained. Standards help to minimize this risk.

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