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flooded street

How to Build Flood-Resilient Communities 

SCC-funded report outlines best practices for building new residential communities that are more resilient to flooding...

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SCC’s role in CETA

Provisional application of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has begun. Learn how SCC is supporting the CETA protocol for conformity assessment...

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Canada 150: Standardization supports free trade

SCC’s work in support of standards alignment is critical if trade agreements like NAFTA are to reach their full potential in increasing trade.

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Supporting the Canadian Free Trade Agreement

SCC supports the Canadian Free Trade Agreement by working with industry and governments to achieve the goal of one standard, one test across Canada—helping to reduce barriers to trade... 

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Environmental technology verification video

SCC video shows how ETV supports Canada’s clean tech industry

A Standards Council of Canada video helps Canadian innovators in the clean technology industry learn more about Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) and how it can help their products stand out.

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